About P&H

Meet Alisha...Your Virtual Personal Assistant.

Alisha began her Administrative Career at Fletcher's Restaurant in Atlanta Indiana at the age of 16. After working for approximately 6 months as a Hostess, Alisha negotiated her position to include Office Assistant. She created an administrative structure that ensured timely payments to vendors, adequate staffing schedules, and a Special Events system.
After graduation, Alisha worked for a construction company before moving with her husband, Brad, to Austin in 1999.  After settling in to her new surroundings, Alisha began work in the Real Estate & Apartment industry. Beginning as a Property Manager's Assistant she rose through the ranks to Assistant Manager. She went on to an Administrative Assistant position working for the Center for Systems & Synthetic Biology at The University of Texas at Austin. Working at CSSB allowed Alisha to gain valuable knowledge in Grant Management & Budgeting, as well as furthering her understanding of Human Resources, Procurement and Database Management. Alisha worked at UT-Austin for just under 10 years, finally deciding that she wanted to try her hand at being a Full-Time Mom. For the last five years, she has been "filling in" for odd positions when needed at the University and working as a Part-Time Administrative Assistant for Pastor Steve Clem at Pflugerville Community Church.
Pure & Honest Administrators is a way for her to use her considerable and varied experience to assist others in succeeding. You are invited to look around, contact her for more details and see how she can help you meet and exceed your personal goals.